At Prime Time Sport we manage both sporting and economic interests of our players throughout their careers. We look after the players and we take care of all their needs off the pitch, so the player can be fully focused on his sporting commitment and his performance in the pitch. We believe in a 360ยบ approach and we offer integral support to the player, looking for the best sporting project at each stage. We also offer guidance in the management of other key areas such as Image rights, PR, media relations and legal and tax strategy. .

With an extensive experience, our team of prestigious professionals offer solutions to meet all the needs of the different players. To us, each player is unique and requires a customized plan. Our global reach, with offices in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), United Kingdom (London) and Brazil (Belo Horizonte), our extensive network of contacts and our credibility in the market, allows us to be continuosly in toucht with clubs and federations from all around the globe to identify the best opportunities for our players.