At Prime Time Sport we develop sports management consultancy projects, offering the best solutions to its clients’ business challenges, be it clubs, major brands or other entities. That’s why prestigious organizations all around the world have already trusted us.

For Clubs:

  • We develop and implement strategic plans to generate revenue
  • we design tailor made sponsorship programs and produce high quality sales decks
  • We bring together our experience in the industry and our extensive network at FMCG brands for pure sales purposes

For Major Brands:

  • We develop strategic plans to identify the most suitable sponsorship opportunities that best fulfil the brand’s objectives.
  • We negotiate sponsorship contracts with sports properties on behalf of our clients, with major contribution to come-up best possible terms.
  • We identify athletes whose image rights best fit with the strategy of the company and have necessary contacts for its execution.
  • We design sponsorship activation plans that help maximizing return of investment.